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Vilnius St. Joseph Seminary
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Vilnius St. Joseph Seminary

Kalvarijų g. 325
LT-08420 Vilnius

Tel. (370-5) 270 16 02
Fax: (370-5) 271 22 50


Rector – Rev. Robertas ŠALAŠEVIČIUS

The Seminary of Vilnius was established on January 11, 1582 by Cardinal Jurgis Radvila, bishop of Vilnius. With several interruptions, the Seminary functioned until February 1945. On July 16, 1993, after the compulsory 48 year break, the seminary was opened again to prepare clergy for the reviving Lithuanian nation and Church. The Seminary of Vilnius was reestablished by Msgr. Audrys Juozas Bačkis, archbishop of Vilnius. This was the year of the Pope John Paul II visit in Lithuania. This joyous coincidence became the sign that the Lord blesses the Seminary and obligates to create it according to His will. The Seminary was first settled in the monastery of Trinitarians. It was obvious, however, that the premises were too small. That is why it was decided to build a separate building in a new place though the project was started only after four years, in 1997. The new St. Joseph’s Seminary was opened in a year. Candidates for priesthood here are prepared for the whole ecclesiastic province of Vilnius: for the archdiocese of Vilnius and dioceses of Panevėžys and Kaišiadorys.

The studies at the Seminary last for six years. During the first two years the seminarians study philosophy and during the next four – theology. Beside that they also have courses on the Church history, Church social teaching, Church Law, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, different languages, rhetoric, art history, singing, etc. The lecturers are from Lithuania as well as the USA, France, Germany and Poland.

The graduates of the seminary receive the Bachelors degree of the Pontifical Lateran University. 59 seminarists and 3 hosting students plus 9 preparatory year students began the study year 2003-2004.

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