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Memorial Places of Bl. Matulaitis

Pal. Jurgio Matulaičio altoriusMarijampolė, the town in southern Lithuania, has been famous since 1987 as the place of the relics of the Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis. This is also the town that witnesses the time and efforts devoted by him to the revival and reformation of the Marian Order. In 1918 Matulaitis personally went to Marijampolė to re-activate the old monastery there.

Died in 1927, Matulaitis was buried in the crypt of the Cathedral of Kaunas. In 1934 his remains were transferred to his old parish church in Marijampole. Couple days after his beatification on June 29, 1987, the coffin with his remains with solemn liturgy was taken from a sarcophagus to the altar in a new chapel of the church in Marijampolė.

The Universal Church remembers Matulaitis on July 12. On that day, pilgrims travel to Marijampole for prayer and celebration which continue throughout the week.

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