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 Vilnius, December 19: Lithuanian President and Religious Leaders Concerned about the State of Moral Values

On December 19 President Valdas Adamkus invited Catholic Bishops and leaders of other Lithuanian religious communities to Christmas meeting. After the meeting Archbishop Sigitas Tamkevičius said he was satisfied with President Adamkus’ emphasis on moral values. He said, President Adamkus was concerned with low moral standards of Lithuanian society and compared the situation to “dead-end feeling”. The only way out would be inner change of Lithuanian people. President Adamkus invited Church representatives to co-operate fostering positive changes in Lithuanian society.

Archbishop Tamkevičius, in his turn, invited media representatives to contribute to moral rise of Lithuanian people, and to co-ordinate common efforts in the task set by Lithuanian President. Archbishop Tamkevičius also said, he was scandalised by moral confusion caused by recent judicial proceedings, when journalist was considerably punished for calling former Communist official “collaborator”.

After the meeting in President’s office Cardinal Audrys Bačkis said, Lithuanian society was lacking moral responsibility in politics, education and other areas. Archbishop of Vilnius expressed his concern regarding problems of youth education, especially shortage of family education.

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