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 Kaunas, November 16: Lithuanian Clergy Will Counteract Human Trafficking and Prostitution

Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference (LBC) joined the initiative of Lithuanian Caritas urging the clergy and the faithful to spread information about the threat of human trafficking and prostitution. The statement was made public during the joined LBC-Caritas press conference on November 16 in Kaunas. Lithuanian Bishops ask the clergy to provide guidance for their parishioners in suspicious cases of foreign employment proposals, through which young women have been cheated and forced to prostitution. President of LBC Archbishop Sigitas Tamkevičius said, the educational activity is supposed to diminish cases of deception especially in villages and small towns.

Director of Lithuanian Caritas Rev. Robertas Grigas said, the educational initiative was encouraged by British officials concerned with high percentage of Lithuanian women among those detained in illegal British prostitution houses. Since 2002 Lithuanian Caritas has been running special project “Help for the victims of prostitution and human trafficking”, financed by Lithuanian government and foreign charity foundations. Women willing to leave prostitution job are offered social help and security by Caritas social workers in co-operation with police structures. According to project co-ordinator Mrs. Kristina Miđinienë, help was provided for 280 women; long term effectiveness of the project can be estimated up to 40 percent.

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