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 Šiauliai, September 24: First Diocesan Beatification Case Started

Beatification process of Barbora Umiastauskaitė (1628–1648) was solemnly started in the Cathedral of Šiauliai on September 24. First beatification process in the Diocese of Šiauliai was presided by the Bishop Eugenijus Bartulis.

Barbora Umiastauskaitė (popularly called Žagarietė), who lived in the 17th century in Žagarė (town in the Northwest of Lithuania) was venerated by people, but never officially canonized. From ancient times people came to pray for her intercession to the church in Žagarė. Her body remained undamaged by the fire in the church. In 1755 Samogitian Bishop Antanas Tiškevičius reported to Rome seven miracles attributed to the girl Barbora. Since 1833 miraculous healings have been registered at the altar of St Barbara in the church of Žagarė. During the Soviet occupation in 1940 the coffin with her body was destroyed. In 1963 the remains of Barbora Žagarietė have disappeared, presumably being secretly confiscated by Soviet authorities.

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