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 Kaiđiadorys, September 2005: Pastoral Letter Concerning Lessons of Religion and Preparation for Christian Initiation

Bishop Juozapas Matulaitis published the pastoral letter for the faithful of Kaiđiadorys diocese, concerning the role of religion lessons in public schools, and the preparation for sacraments of Christian initiation. The pastoral letter warns against false expectations, allegedly religion lessons in schools were sufficient for sacramental preparation. The letter emphasizes the importance of religion lessons and exhorts Catholic parents to choose optional subject of religion for their children. Bishop’s letter also states that “lessons of religion are not sufficient for the preparation for sacraments”: the preparation for the sacraments of Christian initiation should take place in a parish. Bishop Matulaitis urged Catholic parents to demonstrate the example of faith practice to their children, willingly attending Sunday Mass and going to confession.

Other Lithuanian Bishops have been also repeatedly stressing the importance of parish catechesis and due sacramental preparation after the introduction of religion lessons in public schools in the nineties.

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