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 August 20: Prayer for Brother Roger in the Archcathedral of Vilnius

While participating in WYD in Köln Cardinal Audrys Bačkis invited Lithuanian faithful to pray for Brother Roger in the Archcathedral of Vilnius on Saturday, August 20. “Brother Roger and Taize community was of particular importance for Lithuania, the country rising from ruins of atheism”, – said Cardinal Bačkis. Brother Roger helped many Lithuanians, especially young adults, to find their way to God, and to perceive the sense of life. Thousands of those who have been visiting the Taize community experienced spiritual liberation, learned about spiritual life and prayer, – said Lithuanian Cardinal.

“We shall always remember Brother Roger’s ideas and his invitation: the Cross, which reveals salvation and God’s love for humanity; the Word of God that continuously creates divine life within us; the tent-Church of Reconciliation, where everybody can find divine mercy and deliverance from pressing guilts”, said Cardinal Bačkis on August 17, while participating in the prayer for Brother Roger in Köln.

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