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 Kaunas, June 24: Archbishop Tamkevičius Exhorted to Expedite the Preparation for the Diocesan Synod

Archbishop Sigitas Tamkevičius exhorted to accelerate the preparation for the Synod of Kaunas Archdiocese during the celebration of diocesan patron St. John Feast day. Archbishop urged parish priests to activate their co-operation working out synodal documents. He also warned against unrealistic expectations and passive attitude of “delaying most important pastoral works until after the Synod”. The preparation for the II Synod of Kaunas Archdiocese was inaugurated on January 5, 2003.

In his pastoral report on Diocesan Feast day Archbishop Tamkevičius praised the progress in the area of youth catechesis, and simultaneously deplored the lack of progress in adult catechesis. He mentioned, among other praiseworthy initiatives, the regular Renewal days organised by charismatic community “Living Stones”. In general overview he also noted deficiency of pastoral concern in the areas of alcohol addictions and safeguarding of human life. Archbishop encouraged larger pastoral support for families and promotion of vocations. Archbishop of Kaunas also warned against excessive emphasis on offerings, and criticised those pastors, who try to use obligatory strategies demanding financial donations for their pastoral services.

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