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 Vilnius, June 21: Basilians Intend to Transfer Relics of St. Josaphat to Vilnius

The provincial of the Holy Savior province of Ukrainian Order of Saint Basil Fr. Hrigory Hrinkiv announced the plan to transfer some relics of St. Josaphat from Rome to Vilnius. On Tuesday press conference he informed about the impressive plans of Basilians to restore the Holy Trinity monastery and The Holy Trinity Church.

“Lithuanian capital City Vilnius is the homeland of Basilians. Archbishop of Polotsk Josaphat Kuncevyc (Jozofat Kuncewicz) lived here in the Holy Trinity monastery, before he was killed by the enemies of Church unity in 1623,and afterwards canonized saint”, said Fr. Hrinkiv. He said that reconstruction should be finished before the 400 anniversary of Basilian Order to be celebrated in 2017.

According to the act of restitution, in 1992–1992 the buildings of the Holy Trinity monastery were gradually returned to the ownership of the Church. Until now Vilnius Archdiocesan Curia owns three-fourth part of the Holy Trinity monastery and one fourth belongs to the Basilian Order. Basilian superiors have expressed their wish to get back the ownership over the whole monastery.

There are 5 Eastern Catholic (Uniate) communities in Lithuania. Greek Catholics are among 9 religious communities being officially recognized by Lithuanian law.

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