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 Vilnius, June 14: Archbishop Tamkevičius Spoke in Seimas on the Day of Mourning and Hope

Archbishop of Kaunas Sigitas Tamkevičius deeply deplored moral confusion of Lithuanian society, speaking in the Parliament on the Day of Mourning and Hope. He compared the country with “moral marsh, spreading from a hut of a drunken villager up to the palaces of Parliament and Government”. Archbishop deplored “lack of fundaments for construction of future Lithuania”. Corruptive examples gave rise to “new generation of money adorators”, scorning love for homeland and mocking those who suffered for it. Archbishop Tamkevičius sharply criticized new forms of slavery with “invisible chains” of wealth. He shared his personal option for freedom in the past, choosing Soviet exile instead of proposed collaboration with authorities. Archbishop’s speech also hinted to recent polemics questioning “height of a moral standard for a politician”. “Today there is a tendency to replace the principles of the Decalogue with media polls”, remarked Archbishop Tamkevičius.

Soviet occupational authorities started mass deportation of Lithuanians on 14 June 1941. According to the information available to the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania, every third resident of Lithuania fell victim to Soviet genocide and terror in 1940-1958.

Archbishop Sigitas Tamkevičius recently sharply criticized “scandalous moral situation” of Lithuanian society in the weekly “Veidas” of June 9.

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