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 Panevėžys, June 6: Bishop Kauneckas Complained Insulting Publications in the Daily „Panevėžio balsas“

Bishop of Panevėžys Jonas Kauneckas made a complaint to the inspector of journalistic ethics Romas Gudaitis because of continuous Christian insulting publications in the daily „Panevėžio balsas“. The text of complaint was published in the website of Panevėžys diocese. Bishop deplores that during last months the daily continuously used to publicize articles, mocking Jesus Christ and Pope John Paul II. Bishop Kauneckas was especially scandalized by the fact that mockeries coincided with days having particular significance for Christians: Holy Saturday or the day of Pope’s death. Bishop Kauneckas also criticized publications on sex in the supplement of the same regional daily, which often are “open pornography”.

The Bishop declared his intention to sue the daily „Panevėžio balsas“ after having received the assessment of Inspector of Journalistic Ethics. The diocesan council of priests and the faithful supported the intention of the Bishop.

A week ago the Inspector of Journalistic Ethics received a complaint from Archbishop of Kaunas Sigitas Tamkevičius. Archbishop Tamkevičius complained misrepresentation of his previously authorized interview.

Inspector of Journalistic Ethics is a kind of media self-regulation institution in Lithuania; it examines the complaints regarding violations in the media, assesses how the principles of provision of information are adhered.

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