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 June 1: 47 Percent of Lithuanians Acknowledge Moral Authority of the Church

The Public opinion and Market research company "Spinter tyrimai", commissioned by Delfi portal, has published the results public opinion research on Church issues on June 1. The research was conducted by interviewing 1003 representatively selected, 18 – 65 year respondents.

70, 2% of the respondents affirmed their adherence to religious faith; 14, 3 % said they had no faith, and 12, 3 % acknowledged difficulty in answering the question. Young people (18–25 years) statistically more often were unable to define their faith adherence.

The question “Is the Catholic Church a moral authority to you?” was answered positively by 46, 6 %, negatively – by 42, 2 %, and indifferently by 11, 2 % of respondents. According to the Spinter poll, statistically there were more persons of elder age, lower standard of education, residents of small towns and villages – among those who acknowledged moral authority of the Church.

43, 4 % of respondents thought that the Catholic Church was too conservative, 46, 6 %, said, it “corresponded to what it should be”, and 5, 5 % thought the Church was too liberal.

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