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 Kaunas: March 16: Lithuanian Bishops Exhort to Pray for Vocations

Lithuanian Bishops published the letter for the coming Week of Prayer for Vocations on April 11–17. The letter was published after the plenary session of Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference on March 16 in Kaunas.

“Deploring the lack of priests we often blame historical circumstances and the influence of modern society. However we should ask ourselves if we often and sincerely pray God to multiply and strengthen the clergy”, urge the Bishops. They invite Lithuanian faithful to pray for vocations both in their communities and privately. The care for vocations is common for all of us, write the Bishops. Each example of honest life and commitment to God helps young adults to make decision choosing to seek priesthood. Holy conjugal love, harmonious life, spirit of faith and openness towards the other people, especially the weakest members of society, create the climate favoring the young generation to hear the voice of the Lord, write the Bishops.

During the plenary session Lithuanian Bishops also discussed the financial situation of the Church. The Bishops gratefully recalled foreign financial aid in the past, which essentially helped to reestablish Church structures after devastation of the Communist regime. The integration into European Union caused considerable reduction of foreign financial support for Church run institutions and projects. The Bishops decided to remind the faithful more insistently about their duty to sustain the activity of the Church both by voluntary engagement and financial donations. Lithuanian Bishops also stated that the Government did not yet compensate the Church for the land property nationalized by the Soviet regime.

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