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 Vilnius, March 10: Cardinal Bačkis Criticized Eugenic Health Policy

Cardinal Audrys Bačkis criticized government - financed program of early pregnancy diagnostics avoiding fetal genetic pathology. Cardinal commented the presentation of health care program by Minister of Health Ţilvinas Padaiga on March 8. “The achievements of science and medical diagnostics are going to be used not to cure, but to eliminate a sick person”, said Cardinal Bačkis. “Unmoral” is the claim to judge, who has right to be born or to live.

According to Cardinal Bačkis, the program of early prenatal diagnostics would be morally acceptable if its purpose would be to cure disease. He also pleaded for greater moral and social support by the government for families with handicapped children. Cardinal Bačkis also referred to cases of diagnostic mistakes. “The society that makes decision to kill its members if they do not correspond certain criteria – the norms of Health Ministry actually – degenerates”, said Cardinal Bačkis. He reminded that the standard of heath and eugenic policy had been applied by Nazi ideologists.

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