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 Vilnius, February 16: Cardinal Bačkis Called to Restore Human Integrity

On February 16 Cardinal Audrys Bačkis celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass in the Archcathedral of Vilnius commemorating the 87th Day of National Independence. The Mass was traditionally broadcast by Lithuanian TV In his homily Cardinal deplored slow process of healing within the post –communist society: “The gap between ones inner life and public activity remains the largest wound left by the Soviet times”. According to Cardinal Bačkis, the reason of that mentality was rooted in the impersonal Soviet attitude towards human being. A human person lacking free will, moral discernment and ability to choose would be unable to assume responsibility and act according to moral principles, said Cardinal Bačkis. He emphasized the need to restore the integrity of human person responding to the voice of one’s conscience. “Without the restoration of the integrity of human person it is impossible to reestablish the integrity of our history”, said Cardinal Bačkis. He called to settle old scores with the Soviet past “without skipping unpleasant pages” and listening to the voice of the conscience. Cardinal encouraged the moral decision of every Lithuanian citizen for democratic society.

The Day of Independence goes back to the proclamation of Act on the reestablishment of independent Lithuanian Republic on February 16, 1918.

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