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 Vilnius February 15: Lithuanian Parliament Voted in Favor of the Return of Church Propriety

On February 15 Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) with 80 votes, nobody against and 4 abstentions, voted for return of nationalized cultural and religious objects deposited in state storage or museums back into the status of personal Church propriety. The nationalization of Church propriety after June 15 1940 was the consequence of the Soviet occupation.

After coming into effect the law will allow the Church to get back nationalized cultural objects, including the treasury of Vilnius Archcathedral, one of the most valuable goldsmith’s art collections in Lithuania. The treasury was found in 1985 during archaeological research of the Cathedral’s cellars. The sacral objects were deposited in Lithuanian Art Museum. The treasury of Vilnius Archcathedral for the first time was publicly exposed in 1997.

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