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 Vilnius, February 14: Cardinal Bačkis Deplored the Gap Between Politics and Morality

Cardinal Audrys Bačkis criticized the hipocrisy and cynism in Lithuanian public life in the front-page interview in the daily “Lietuvos rytas”(14 02 2005). He deplored the tendency of some politicians to neglect the public interests of the State while favoring personal and group interests in line with old “nomenclature mentality”. Cardinal regretted over the crisis of family life afflicting entire Lithuanian society including politicians and public officials. He said that only few Lithuanian politicians would boast having strong families. Cardinal Bačkis emphasized the need to preserve the integrity of human person including the dimensions of professional work and family life.

Cardinal criticized the “Phariseeism” and the tendency to isolate ones conscience from political and personal life. He said he used to be scandalized by “public lie and cynism“, that are more frequent than before. He also criticized the tendency to equate insignificant wrongdoings in performing ones job with the deeds causing essential harm for the State. Concluding Cardinal Bačkis called for “higher moral standards” in politics and public life.

The editorial introduction to the interview mentioned the context of recent scandalous facts related to concrete politicians: the official lie about family status, neglecting family members etc. Cardinal Bačkis refused to make judgements on behavior of concrete persons.

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