Vilnius, December 19: Lithuanian President and Religious Leaders Concerned about the State of Moral Values
 Vilnius, December 15: Conference Commemorating Nostra Aetate–joint initiative of Jewish and Catholic Communities
 November 29: Lithuanian Bishops Commented Vatican Instruction on Criteria of Vocational Discernment Regarding Persons with Homosexual Tendencies
 Kaunas, November 18–19: First National Congress of Consecrated Life
 Kaunas, November 16: Lithuanian Clergy Will Counteract Human Trafficking and Prostitution
 Vilnius, November 12–20: Indulgenced Feast of Merciful Mother of God at the Gates of Dawn
 Kaunas, November 3:Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Started
 Kaunas, October 23: Renewal Day Concluded the Year of the Eucharist
 Vilnius, October 11–12: Conference on Religion Teaching in the Context of European Enlargement
 Kaunas, October 12: Decree on Pastoral Care of Persons Having Weak Relationship with Parish Communities
 Klaipëda October 6–7: 10-year Anniversary of Catechetical Department in Klaipëda University
 September 28 – October 2: International Military Apostolate Conference
 Kaunas, September 30: 15-year Anniversary of Reestablishment of Faculty of Catholic Theology
 Vilnius, September 28: The Image of Merciful Jesus Replaced to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy
 Điauliai, September 24: First Diocesan Beatification Case Started
 Telđiai, September 20–21: New President of Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference Elected
 Kaiđiadorys, September 2005: Pastoral Letter Concerning Lessons of Religion and Preparation for Christian Initiation
 Điluva, September 8–15: Indulgenced Octave in Điluva “For Civil and Christian Consciousness”
 September 6: Lithuanian Bishops Announced Collect for US Hurricane Victims
 Vilnius, August 26: Cardinal Bačkis Desiderated Christian Focus in Lithuanian Millenium Program
 August 20: Prayer for Brother Roger in the Archcathedral of Vilnius
 August 10: Over 2 Thousand Young Lithuanians on the Way to Köln
 Ţemaičiř Kalvarija, July 1–12: Annual Indulgenced Feast Started
 June 29: “Marijos Radijas” started broadcast in Vilnius
 Kaunas, June 24: Archbishop Tamkevičius Exhorted to Expedite the Preparation for the Diocesan Synod
 Vilnius, June 21: Basilians Intend to Transfer Relics of St. Josaphat to Vilnius
 Vilnius, June 14: Archbishop Tamkevičius Spoke in Seimas on the Day of Mourning and Hope
 Panevëţys, June 6: Bishop Kauneckas Complained Insulting Publications in the Daily „Panevëţio balsas“
 June 1: 47 Percent of Lithuanians Acknowledge Moral Authority of the Church
 Kaunas, May 29: Archbishop Tamkevičius Emphasized Responsibility for Sacramental Preparation
 Vilnius, May 19: Lithuanian Bishops Concerned with Spreading of Occult Practices
 Vilnius, May 6: Report on Social Activities in Vilnius Archdiocese
 Kaunas, May 6: Archbishop Tamkevičius Commented Initiative of Reconciliation Commemorating End of WWII
 Vilnius, April 29: Archdiocesan Curia Deplored Propagation of Tai Chi Practices
 April 21: Lithuanian Bishops’ Letter on Day for Life 2005
 April 11–17: Polemics on Monumentalizing Pope John Paul II in Vilnius
 Kaunas, April 11: Archbishop Tamkevičius Criticised Categorical Demands of Medics
 Vilnius, April 4-8: Government Declared Days of National Mourning
 April 3–8: Lithuanian Faithful Mourn and Thank for Pontificate of John Paul II
 Vilnius, April 1: Prayer on Behalf of the Holy Father
 Vilnius, March 24: Governmental Subsidies for Traditional Religious Communities
 Kaunas: March 16: Lithuanian Bishops Exhort to Pray for Vocations
 Vilnius, March 10: Cardinal Bačkis Criticized Eugenic Health Policy
 Panevëţys, March 9: Commemoration of the Witness of Faith Rev. Alfonsas Lipniűnas
 Kaunas, March 2: Annual Presentation of Pastoral and Financial Situation of Kaunas Archdiocese
 Vilnius, February 25–27: Conference “Family in XXI century. Challenges and Tendencies”
 Vilnius, February 16: Cardinal Bačkis Called to Restore Human Integrity
 Vilnius February 15: Lithuanian Parliament Voted in Favor of the Return of Church Propriety
 Vilnius, February 14: Cardinal Bačkis Deplored the Gap Between Politics and Morality
 Vilnius, February 5: Msgr. G. Gruđas Commented the Renewed Polemics on Exorcism

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